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Multi-Layered Reason Codes for UCCX


I have a client who wishes to have multi layered reason codes for their contact centre.

Does anyone have any ideas ? I have been told its possible. Something to do with a website that writes back to the enterprise variables but I am not sure if this is through CAD or via a direct write.

Is anyone able to assist ?


Reason codes are a separate feature from Enterprise Data. A call can only have one Reason Code but you can write whatever you want (up to 40 characters) to the peripheral call variables (aka CallVariable1-10) which are stored to the database. None of the ECC variables get stored to the DB.

The part that strikes me as odd is that someone told you that this could be done with a webpage. That would imply that the web server running that webpage would have write access to db_cra on the CCX server. That is not the case, especially if you are on 8.0+ where the Informx database is pretty well sealed off. I can think of only two ways to write into the pheripheral call variables:

  1. Use the Set Enterprise Data step within the AEF script.
  2. Allow the agent to modify the Enterprise Data fields shown to them in the Layout List in CAD. If enabled from CDA they can double-click the fields to modify them.

The problem with these options is that the former must be determined before the call is delivered to the agent and the later allows for sloppy data entry into the database since there is no validation of the agent's modification.

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Hi Jonathan,

I think my explanation was bad. I was a bit jetlagged when I typed it.

What we are looking at doing is writing to the custom variables and using them as reason codes by creating a new report to use those variables as reason codes instead of the current reason code fields.

So is there a way within CAD or outside CAD to use a web browser to select an option and write that option to those custom variables then write them to the historical database. Similar to the way the custom variable is written to metadata.



Not without a separate web server & DB. In theory this would be possible if you write the Implementation ID / JTAPI ID to the enterprise data layout list in CAD. You could write a workflow action that passes this in an HTTP POST to a web server where the agent fills out the extra data in a form and submits it. After that you would have to ODBC to the CCX database (not supported by the way) and copy out the relevant tables to merge the data together on your own DB (you won't have write access to Informix). I believe the implementation ID gets written to the CCDR record which is why I suggested it; you could match based on this more reliably than simply caller ID.

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Yeah I realise the UCCX ODBC connection is not supported.

So is there a way to write to the CAD peripheral call  variables from the web page back into the agent desktop so it can write to the peripheral call variables ? Im going on no  but I thought id throw it out there.

Im not sure where caller id comes into this ?

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