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Multi-tiered Skill Group Reporting in CUIC for UCCE



I have a call flow that involves a local SG, then calls are queued to the regional SG and the network wide SG.  Agents are assigned their local SG, the regional, and the network wide.  There is a single call type, so all the queue data is consolidated.  However, I have office mgmt asking if we can see how many calls their staff answered that originated from other offices, and were assigned to the regional/network SG.  Besides taking a manual tally (their Finesse layout displays the original called office name), I cannot come up with a way to do this.  Any thoughts? 




UCCE/CVP/Finesse/CUIC 12.5

Piyush Verma

If you don't want to break-up your queue calltype per location, then another way to find out that information will be the "TCD" table. Below query is the sample one where you can add more filters using where clause (DigitsDialed is the DialedNumber)


select tcd.DateTime,ANI,DNIS,DigitsDialed,a.EnterpriseName,sg.EnterpriseName,tcd.* from Termination_Call_Detail tcd
inner join Agent a on a.SkillTargetID = tcd.AgentSkillTargetID
inner join Skill_Group sg on sg.SkillTargetID = tcd.SkillGroupSkillTargetID
where sg.SkillTargetID <> 5000
and DigitsDialed = '12345'
order by tcd.DateTime desc

Thank you Piyush, I'll try the query and see if it returns the needed info.  Your response made me think of another possibility.  Is there a query that will return the values of Peripheral Variables used within the ICM script to define call description via Finesse desktop layout? 

yes that same query above on the TCD table will give you the call variable info also - that's why the last column in my query is "tcd.*" meaning display all the TCD columns. When you scroll to the right on the query output, you will start seeing the columns like Variable1,Variable2....


These call variable info is also stored in the RCD table (Route_Call_Detail).

VIP Engager

You could also use RCD like Piyush mentioned, and even be simpler if you have just one call flow and use something like FinalObjectID, depending on how you're set up. A little unconventional, but it might be another way to get the data.


Also, please keep in mind, Cisco doesn't want you running reports against TCD or RCD directly, they call that out in the schema guide for instance. I know we often have to do that due to customer request, but something to keep in mind as far as support/scalability.

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