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Need help to align data in TCD with that in CallType_Interval table

Hello all,


We are using ICM service and had the following question around the data available in the tables Termination_Call_Detail and Call_Type_Interval:
For a certain custom report that we are creating, we need to present SL<N number of seconds>, signifying calls answered by an agent (first leg of the call) within N seconds out of all calls answered. Hence, we need to evaluate per call data available in TCD table and roll it up to CallType level. However, when we are trying to use the indicator columns available in TCD table (based on Cisco Table Schema documentation), like CallDispositionFlag, PeripheralNumber, etc. to identify a call as answered, the rolled up numbers are not aligned with those already available in Cisco-provided CallType_Interval table.


So, we need some help from the developer community where they can provide us the exact set of flags/indicators to apply to get the numbers from the granular table (TCD) to align with those available in the aggregated table (CallType_Interval).


Any help/suggestions are welcome. Please let me know if anything is unclear regarding the use-case.