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New UCCX user can't log into Finesse.

I have created a new user.  This user has extension mobility and is a Finesse user.  I have created many users with this kind of profile.  I can see the user in RMCM.  I can even see the phones MAC address they logged into in controlled devices.  When they try to log into Finesse they get the following error.  Cannot authenticate with the notification service.  There may be a configuration mismatch.  Please contact your administrator.  I have gone through the programming and even removed the user all the way back to Active Directory and rebuilt them.  Call Manager is 11.5 and UCCX is 11.6 and our phones we use are 8845.

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Re: New UCCX user can't log into Finesse.

"I can even see the phones MAC address they logged into in controlled devices."

Actually, that's not how that works. You do not add the physical phone to the controlled devices list of the RMCM user. Just the Device Profile, and you didn't mention that you added the Device Profile to the RMCM user as a CTI Controlled Device Profile, so that might be your issue.

"The Extension Mobility (EM) profile needs to be associated with the RmCm user and the physical phones that the agents may be expected to use should not be associated to the RmCm user."
Source: UCCX Administration Guide

Anthony Holloway

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Re: New UCCX user can't log into Finesse.

After reading the responses it looks like my issue is the physical phone listed in controlled devices. I will try and remove that phone and leave the users UDP profile in controlled CTI devices and see what happens. Thanks for the feed back!
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Re: New UCCX user can't log into Finesse.

Assuming as pointed out by Anthony (+5) the issues is not EM profile association, have you tried restarting CCX notification service, there are couple older bugs matching your error:

and similar threads:


Re: New UCCX user can't log into Finesse.

Hi Chris or Anthony,

Having same exact issue.  Most users utilize Extension Mobility and the UDP is what is associated to rmjtapi user.

Existing Agents can log in with no 'Notification Service' error, it is only new users I added today.  

Removed everything and added everything back.  Saw those 2 BUGs mentioned, none reference UCCX 11.6.1  (my version), both mention issue occurred after some fail-over.  I have had no fail-over and on both the PUB & SUB the service has been running since Jan 15 2019.


If the recommended action is  still to restart the Notification Service,  is there any sort of disruption to the agents that are already logged in?  (does it log agents out? or set them to Not Ready?)

Also, is it a quick action?  (if any disturbance I have to submit a Change Request and provide details of 'how long',  'effects to agents', etc)  - Plus it determines when I will be allowed to do the restart (example: after hours)



Re: New UCCX user can't log into Finesse.

We just ran into this issue with CUCM 12.5 and UCCX (ES01-9). Restarting the Notification and Finesse Tomcat services on both nodes fixed the issue and the error-ed users can now log into Finesse. The Bug (CSCvc94546) states that it is fixed in UCCX 11.6(1) but it's clearly not.  We are planning on upgrading UCCX to 12 within the next month or so. Do we know if it contains this bug?

Re: New UCCX user can't log into Finesse.

We have been hit with the bug as well for a trauma 1 transfer center/access center, had to restart the two services. hopefully 12 has this issue fixed.

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