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Non Acd Offhook Cause

Hey all. Working with a call center group using UCCX 11.6.2/Finesse Desktop. I'm trying to help the supervisor figure out why we are seeing some Not Ready - Non ACD Offhook states in their reporting. My understanding is Not Ready - Non ACD Offhook is shown when an agent goes Offhook on a line other than their ACD, as opposed to just Not Ready - Offhook if offhook on the ACD line. The exception being if the non ACD line is a shared line. Thing is, we have the System Parameter "Change Agent State to Not Ready when Agent Busy on Non ACD Line" Disabled and I cannot reproduce this state in my test environment. My question is, what else could be causing us to see the agent state Not Ready - Non ACD Offhook? Thanks in advance.

Konstantin Vaksin
Cisco Employee

Can you check state, when you get a call on nonACD line?

Check your busy trigger as well. It has to be 1


State stays Ready whenever I get and answer a call on a non ACD line on the phone. I have tried this with the ACD line as the primary line on the phone and as a secondary line, makes no difference. Busy trigger is set to 1.


The test app/script I am using is on the same server as the users having issues and there are no configuration differences I can see that would cause the Not Ready - Non ACD Offhook to ever happen.

I looked on the Cisco site and there are a couple defects listed that seem like you might be hitting, but this one seems the closest?

Thanks for the reply Bill. I did see that bug when I was searching around but I didn't think it applied. The Service Parameter Always Use Prime Line is set to False for all servers in my cluster. All phones for the group in question are set to use Default for Always Use Prime Line and I can confirm they do not use the prime line when other lines are called. I may try and set it to No instead of Default on the phones just to check though.

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