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OfferedInterval - Can it be created

I want to create a bucket level report that shows calls offered, Handled/Answered, Abandoned in a 10secs, 15 secs and 45 secs interval.

Whilst AbandonInterval and AnsInterval exist in a Call type & Skill group interval table, I am not sure how this is made up to create a Offeredinterval, is it easy to create.

Also can it be done for ASA?

As always appreacite any help on this.

Thanks Sarah

Rising star


The times you set up in a Bucket Interval (in your example 10s, 15s, 45s, etc) represent times since the call was marked as Offered. "OfferedInterval" doesn't make sense... just use CallsOffered.

Can what be done for ASA? Are you trying to say "Average Speed of Answer for calls answered in 10 seconds" (or 15, or 45, etc)??? I'm having a hard time seeing the usefulness of that. I think just a single ASA value makes much more sense. Regardless, UCCE does not keep track of total answer speed within the individual buckets, so computing such a value would require using the TCD table, likely resulting in a quite complex (and very time-consuming) query.



Thanks Jameson, didn't appreciate that if you run a report on a 15sec interval that the calls offered would only show at 15secs..

Completely understand your point re ASA.

Cheers Sarah



I'm not sure you understand my point about offered calls. All bucket (and service level threshold as well) timers are counting seconds after the call was offered. There's no such thing as a call that gets offered 15 seconds after it was offered. It's the same starting point for all 10 buckets.

Here's the order of events:

  1. A call comes in to queue, "Test1" call type is applied. 1 is added to CallsOffered in "Test1".
  2. Caller waits in queue for 34 seconds.
  3. Caller is answered. 1 is added to CallsAnswered in "Test1". Assuming first 3 buckets are 10, 15, 45 as you outlined, 1 is added to AnsInterval3 in "Test1".
  4. Time passes.
  5. Agent hangs up.
  6. Agent completes wrapup time. 1 is added to CallsHandled in "Test1".

What are you trying to use this supposed OfferedInterval1,2,3,etc for? It sounds like perhaps you're trying to compute alternate service levels?



Thanks Jameson, I what we in England call a moment! Of course you are right, basically I had been given a report by customer that shows call that have been Offered, Answer, Aband <= 15 secs and they wanted the same report created in CUIC hence my question...

All good.

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