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On Hold Music when Finesse Agent put Calls On Hold - UCCE

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Level 1

We have a UCCE 12.5 with CVP.  Setup is GW>CUSP>CVP>ICM>CUCM.

Question, when a Finesse agent receives a call from queue and puts it on hold through Finesse, where is that setup done? Currently, we hear silence. The agent phone is configured with both user/network Hold MOH Audio source. Our CUCM SIP trunk to CUSP doesn't have MRGL on it and am wondering if that's what's missing among other things.

Can you point me in the right direction pls on where I should be looking at configuration-wise? TIA

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Do internal calls (phone to phone) work with MOH for instance? Is it "only" calls into CCE that are the issue? What about DID calls into UCM that don't go into UCCE/CVP, do they work? This way you can eliminate what works/doesn't and then from there pare down to where the issue might be.



Yes, it is only calls into UCCE that do not hear MOH when agents put calls on hold. Direct calls to UCM or internal calls within work fine when placed on hold. I did also test getting a call from UCCE to agent and using agent's phone (Jabber) to put calls on hold instead of within Finesse but same results.

Any thoughts on where I should look? Thanks.