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oncall numbers to tmobile subscribers fail through uccx

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Level 1

Has anyone ran into this or have any idea. We have an oncall application on uccx12.5. The oncall changes weekly automatically, but when the oncall number is dialed it never makes it to the user if they are a tmobile subscriber the far end just seems to hang up.  Sprint, verizon and AT&T are all ok.  Also when the oncall number is dialed the calling number's id is passed on but we would like to have the oncall number displayed as the caller i instead.  



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Sean Lynch
Level 7
Level 7
Sounds like it’s time to open a trouble ticket with your PSTN service provider. We have this problem with our carrier constantly—to all four of the major mobile phone carriers on different occasions.
You can pass a different number besides calling number to the called party by setting the call control group field for External Phone Number Mask.

Jonathan Schulenberg
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame
It’s not clear from your post: do direct calls to T-Mobile numbers succeed? In other words, is the problem isolated CCX Call Redirect step execution?

If the latter, does the call succeed if you set the redirecting number to one of your DIDs instead?

This is just speculation but T-Mobile is one of the first carriers that I have seen take STIR/SHAKEN seriously. It’s possible they dislike an unverified ANI.

If that test succeeds you should verify that the redirecting number sent to your carrier is one of your DIDs. That might be what they’re expecting to see. The easiest place to look for this would be your handoff to the carrier, with ISDN Q.931 or SIP dialog debugs.