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Outbound and Campaign Management capabilities in Web Ex CC.


I am working on a solution for outbound Campaign Management for WebEx CC. I do not want to purchase OEM Integration for this purpose instead I am trying to develop my own.

I have few questions regarding outbound dialing with WebEx CC.

  • Is WebCallBack API is the only way to make outbound calls?
  • Is there any plan to support Predictive and Progressive dialing mode in WebEx CC ? If yes, When theses capabilities will be available?
  • Is there any roadmap for supporting Campaign Management just like UCCE or UCCX ?
  • Is OEM Integration is mandatory for outbound capabilities in WebEx CC ?
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Accepted Solutions

Arunabh Bhattacharjee
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi @singhdev95 

1. Yes today Webcallback API for webexCC is the only way to inject a task:

4. Yes - for today. For campaign management we support acqueon LCM. With the webcallback APIs you can still build an outbound solution however we are working on getting the other features like Retry, Cancel, etc prioritzed in the backlog.


For 2. and 3., will get back to you on those.


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Here are the answers for 2. and 3. from the PM team

2. We plan to support Progressive dialing in WebexCC, either through an integration using existing APIs, or enhancing our native APIs and capabilities. We do not have an estimated date yet.

3. Yes, as explained above. We do have a LCM right now, both in WebexCC 1.0 and  WebexCC 2.0. If there is a specific on-prem feature that is a must have, we can explore those.



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