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Outbound calling and IVR ports

I have configured outbound with Transfer to IVR option. (First outbound calls customer and then switch call to IVR)

I want to know the techonlogy of using IVR ports in this situation. I mean, forexample I have working contact-center and I also try to use outbound with transfer to IVR could IVR use ALL of ports? Could some customer hear BUSY signal in the moment of shortage IVR ports?

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Placing a call consumes an IVR port. If you redirect that call to another JTAPI trigger, the IVR port continues to be consumed by that contact.

If you place an outbound call and do a Call Consult Transfer, you consume two IVR ports (one for each call leg) until the transfer completes.

In addition to this, all inbound call consume an IVR port until an agent answers the call (or the caller abandons).

All of these things collectively consume IVR ports. If you use all of them up, callers will receive a reorder on the CTI Route Point (JTAPI trigger). If you have placed additional restrictions on an individual application or JTAPI trigger, this would happen at that restriction's maximum instead of the platform or licensed limitation.

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