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Outbound Dialer call result 13

Hi, outbound call result 13 (Dialer stopped dialing customer due to lack of agents.) I've found this difficult to get a clear answer anywhere regards this outcome code and received the basic 'change your lines to agent ratio to avoid large numbers of these.' Lines to agent ratio is already low <2 at all times. 1) Why do I receive such a high number of this outcome code? 2) Does anyone class this as an abandoned call in the UK/Europe/US as I do get a call duration against these? 

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Is this for an agent-based campaign or transfer to IVR?

Not sure if this is related, but what do you have set as far as the Outbound percentage in your admin script?

Hi this is for an agent based outbound campaign. By the outbound percentage do you mean the ratio in a blended inbound/outbound environment and which percentage is set to outbound? That would be 100% if so.

Although the topic is old, I think it's worth adding something to this thread.

The explanation of the code and how the dialer classifies the calls is descirbed by the parameter called CancelDialingCalls. It can be found in the Dialer registry. This parameter is old and was available o the dialer for quite a while but Cisco added some additional description details that explain a lot. Here is link to documentation version 12.X.

And here is a screen shot from this doc:


The behavior of the dialer changes if you have/not have this option set and if you have AbandonToIVR option configured.

Looking at options, in my opinion if you would lilke to highly reduce the CallResult 13 you need to:

  1. Configure AbandoToIVR o each campaign - the script should queue the calls to the same skill as you used in the reservation script
  2. Set this option to 1

In the systems that I've been working with - this helped a lot.



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