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Outbound Dialer IVR needed to Dial DID plus end user extension

I'm very much a novice but I'm looking for some help with an outbound UCCX script. I'm currently importing contacts into UCCX for a progressive outbound campaign. It's been working fine until now we are trying to import contacts that have extensions i.e. 800-555-1234 x234 As you know the uccx import won't allow special characters like 8005551234,,234 so I'm trying to figure out a custom IVR that would allow me to place the call, wait for cpa, if cpa finds an auto attendant dial the extension, pass the call to the agent. Of course there is a bunch of other logic involving if a live person answers but this is the basic concept. In other words we need to retrieve cpa twice. Once on the initial call and second after the extension is dial. Is this something you have any advice for us?


If I got your question correct, you are importing contacts+extension in the import file. 


So now you want to divert the call to that extension like contacts  1234 should be land on 777 extensions. 

Chakshu Piplani
Cisco Employee

I understand your requirement, but how are you planning to fetch the extension from the .csv file and dial it from  IVR ?

I don't want to use the Cisco standard contact import at all.  I want to write a custom IVR that reads the contact from a SQL database, reads the extension and then places the call.

Assuming you use DB get and DB read to fetch those details in your IVR script, after placing the call, you cant send DTMF from CCX script to dial an extension.


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