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George Michaell

Outbound Dialer Predictive mode

Guys, can someone please help me out I just wana have the Call.CallingLineID on my routing script, i know the reservation call passes through the script but it does not have any ANI to it, is there a way i can get that onto my script??


Any help or clue to the right direction would be appreciated, any way i can get the ani


Are you trying to pass the Call.CallingLineID from ICM to CVP?

I want the callinglineid in my routing script so I can modify the logic
accordingly, unfortunately I am not getting it, ANI only appears as the
call hits the agent desktop, so I assume that the reservation call flows
the routing script and reset of details including ani, account number etc
are directly relayed to agent.

Do you happen to have a screenshot of the ICM and CVP Script logic?

Yes Sir, I only want the ANI at my ICM script , the reason is to use that
for the routing logic, any help would be appreciated.
VIP Collaborator

You'll have to give more information/clarify what you're trying to do. Do you mean you want to save the phone number that is being called for use in your ICM script or something?

Apologies for not clarifying the scenario
we have Predictive Dialing campaign setup and i believe the callflow is as below.
1. Import is scheduled and the campaign starts. Records are delivered to Dialer.
2. The dialer process continually monitors peripheralskill group statistics from the CTI server for an available agent. Concurrently the campaign manager monitors the database for customer records and forwards active records to the dialer. When the dialer identifies an available agent for use in an outbound campaign, it sends a route request to the MR PIM.
3. The MR PIM forwards the route request to the router.
4. The Unified ICM/CCE/CCH CallRouter executes a routing script, selects an available agent, reserves that agent, and then returns a routing label (phone extension) identifying the reserved agent.
At this point of time when the routing script is executed I need to have the details with this reservation call like ANI, BAaccountNumber etc, i need this detail so i can modify my routing logic based on it , like for a particular account Number i want a different treatment for my call or for specific ANI i can modify do the routing differently like setting the PV'S etc
would it be possible in anyway, i can achieve that.

If this is an IVR campaign, you can use Call.CallingLineID, if this is an agent campaign... you can't. Agent campaigns are severely limited in what information you can get. If you want that number, you can try to extract it from SIP headers, or you can plug it into the AccountNumber field.

Thanks Omar, its an agent campaign, please tell me the option you suggested how can i extract it from the sip header, will i be able to extract it within my icm script?

how is it possible that this information is available in the sip header and not in the usual fields and also let me know what do you mean by  plug it into the AccountNumber field



SIP Headers can be tricky... probably best if you just leave it alone since there's a much easier solution. Here's a good start if you want to learn about SIP Header:

There's also a lot of posts made about SIP Headers here throughout the years.


Your problem can easily be worked around by plugging the number into the Account Number field. This is what a lot of call centers do to work around agent campaign limitations... they jack up the maximum length to store a lot of data into BAAccountNumber (pipe delimited) that they can pass into Call Variables, thus displaying it in Finesse and being stored in TCD and RCD.


What's your import file look like? Are you plugging something in your import file for BAAccountNumber? What's your max length for the ECC BAAcountNumber variable?

Thats such a relief to know that its even possible, i have my lab setup, let me know how i can achieve it, the import file is very simple
Kristi, John, 7890, 8363

I have placed a test call and the BAAccountNumber is written into a PV and its seem to be coming blank, import Rule is attached, cant seem to figureout what i am missing here


George, my apologizes, I misspoke and confused it with IVR campaigns. With Agent campaigns, you cannot display Call Variables, you can only display the BAxxxx variables (BACampaign, BAAccountNumber, BAResponse, BAStatus, BADialedListID, BATimeZone, BABuddyName). So in your case, you can plug in additional information into BAAccountNumber and BABuddyName and can be displayed in Finesse by editing your Call Variables Layout. If you're on version 11.x, you can create a layout just for the agent campaigns to reduce confusion for your agents. What's lousy about this is that you lose the ability to plug this into a call variable for reporting purposes, but Cisco does provide adequate Outbound reports.


One thing I noticed when I tested this is that in the ANI is displayed in the header of the Call Controls gadget in Finesse... image attached.

Additionally, you could create a custom report to merry data from Dialer_Detail and Termination_Call_Detail via the Peripheral table with the PeripheralID

I am afraid that might not work, we are not concerned about the details on agent desktop , we need this detail in the routing script, so we can set the PVs etc or the routing logic is modified based on the information received.

Is it possible that we can somehow RONA that call on the Q2S node?

Secondly does Cisco provide any API via which a third party component can be integrated with the dialer to extract the ANI etc 

There are third party companies out there that do things like list management, scrubbing of contact lists before it imports, etc., as well as custom desktops when used with their outbound campaign management.


The other option like Omar said is that you potentially do this with a transfer to IVR campaign that still goes to agents, but where you can do much more as far as scripting, etc.

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