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Outbound dialer reports

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Level 1

I have a department that runs the outbound dialer and after it finishes they print some reports. today the printer didn't print and they went ahead and ran another campaign, would the old campaing be placed somewhere or is it overwritten? I know this sounds vague but I don't know much about the system.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Are you talking about a Webview Report? Is this a scheduled report? You could just rerun the same report using the previous days dates.


It is the report that shows the result of the calls that were made by the outbound dialer whether is was answered or if an answering machine answered, etc.

Did you try to rerun the report, using the previous days dates? Also is this a scheduled report? If its scheduled then the computer where the scheduled report was created must have the user login during the time the report runs. You can lock the computer sor security.


yes we tried running the report but since another outbound campaign had been ran it will only pull the most recent information. I was hoping the old one might be in some directory some where.

IS this express outbound option? Or Enterprise? Enterprise you should be able to run the report again using the dates desired.

What I found out is the report is generated via crystal reports. Does anyone know how to pull old data from crystal reports?

What table and database is the crystal report reporting off of?