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outbound option and ECCs with Cisco Agent Desktop


We have IPCC 7.2(4) with outbound option and CAD.

Skillgroups are set to "preview direct blended". Everything works ok, except:

we want to use the BAAccountNumber content to make routing decisons in the script, but the variable is not filled. It is showing the correct content when the call is presented to the CAD agent for acceptance in the Enerprise Data window.

Any ideas ?


Geoff thanks for that info. If this is the case, do you know of any way that I can link the reservation call to the account number? Thanks


I do not think you can.

you're always "too late" The obo call var's are empty when the icm script is executed. Then when the call arrives at the agent/customer the obo call var's are being populated in CAD/CTIOS AD. I tried to do dblookup in the icm script to the DL_x_x tabl(s) but ran into also sorts of concurrency issues. In input file I misused one of the obo call var fields (obo lastname) for the account number. Then in CAD I used the obo call var populated with the acc.# to do a screenpop.


Here you can find 2 screnies how it is done.



good to know

but the env we use is ICM 7.x + CCM with CAD (or CTIOS AD) and CVP 4.1


Sorry but I dont know how it can be done in CVP. May be S.O. will know.


Chavdar_Baramov, I think you have gone off on a bit of a tangent.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but what you seem to be doing a special type of IP IVR behaviour for inbound calls from customers that are the result of an outbound call by the Dialer. A callback from the customer.

You are checking in the dialer table to find info - all perfectly legitimate and quite interesting, but not the original poster's problem.

I have created outbound campaigns with CVP and there is no problem doing that. Still, nothing to do with the original problem.

The BAAccountNumber is populated when the reservation call hits the agent's desktop for the preview direct call. I have implemented client-side lookups against the customer database to display a pop-up so the agent gets a bunch of details before they press "Accept". This all works fine and my observations are in agreement with the original poster.

He is noting that the BAAccountNumber is not populated as the "call" runs through the routing script and decisions cannot be made on it. So far, no solution.




It is possible that i have misunderstood the OP.

And i totaly agree with you that the only way to do this whay you say is client(agent) based.

P.S. As not native english speaking person i probably lost something in the translation.

So accept my apologies.


It depends on how you have your transfer to IVR script configured, and what type of IVR you are using.

The 7.5(1) Outbound Option guide has some suggestions regarding this in the trouble shooting chapter.

Call Context Not Being Transferred During a Transfer to IVR Call Flow


The call context is not being transferred during a Transfer to IVR call flow.



Cause 1:

On a System IPCC system, the Network IVR is not configured.

Action 1:

Check whether or not the Network IVR is configured. If it is not configured, configure it.

Cause 2:

On an IPCC Enterprise system the Network VRU is configured as a Type 5, which does notsupport call context.

Action 2:

Consider reconfiguring the the Network VRU as a Type 10.

Cause 3:

On an IPCC Enterprise system the IVR transfer route point (CTI Route Point) does not existon the same PG where the Dialer ports are monitored.

Action 3:

This route point must exist on the same PG where the Dialer ports are monitored. This is theperipheral assigned to the Dialer in the Dialer configuration.

For System IPCC, the Transfer to IVR DN should be configured on the agent controller.



The thing is ... the OP does NOT have IVR campaigns - normal "preview direct" outbound campaigns.

We went off on a bit of a side path.




OK, so no IVR.

Assuming you are attempting to make agent routing decisions base on the Account Number ECC variable in the routing script that is reserving the agent, then yea, the ECC variable will not be populated. The agent reservation is separate. Call context is forwarded to the agent desk top via the CTI interface using call data updates after the reservation call has been answered. It is the same mechanism used for Predictive and Progressive agent campaigns.

It wouldn't be out of the question to change functionality of the system so that the ECC variables are populated in the preview reservation routing script, but it wouldn't help with routing after the reservation call has been accepted if the agent chooses to skip or reject the customer. Once the agent skips a call, a new customer record is selected and presented with out the use of a new reservation call. The same reservation call would bridge multiple rejects / skips.


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