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Packaged Contact Center Enterprise with E.164 Dial Plan

In reading the PCCE documentation, it states “a label has a max length of 10 characters/digits”.  The web admin tool enforces this length limitation as well.


The issue comes when you have a non NANP DNIS length, like the UK (11 digits or 12 if you have the number in e.164 format) and in fact any e.164 formatted number, useful for global in country call ingress and ‘queue at the edge’.  We can’t make the Max Length DNIS greater than 10 so any e.164 dialed number looks like a VRU transfer label style of number.


Is there something I'm missing in the setup of PCCE to enable longer labels to address the international dial plans in CVP?  UCCE/CVP does not have this limitation so it's something in the limits of PCCE...


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You can configure it in CVP OPS Cosnole. Just go to: Device Management -> Unified CVP Call Server. Choose your CVP server and go to "ICM" tab. There you have a field named "Maximum Length of DNIS", so just change the default value (10) to any length you want, for example put 13 and configure your labels to be 13 digits. 


Thanks for the tip, but we did actually try that - the problem comes back to PCCE and the fixed UI to define labels in the PCCE Web Admin tool, it is fixed at 10 digits and will not accept the 13 to input to the PCCE Configuration.


I have PCCE 12.5 version install, have question regarding support for VRU label for more than 10 digit. I can setup DNIS length to 12 digit but I am not able to change VRU label to 12 digit. When I change DNIS length to 12 digit, it also break call with 10 digit DNIS. Is there way we can setup VRU length to more than 12 digit. PCCE is locked down so can not make modification like UCCE.


The labels (Agent, VRU, Outbound, Multichannel) with PCCE are locked in at 10 digits - there's no getting around it without causing other problems.
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