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passing Call ID to CAD for UCCE


Hello, all. I need to have Call ID or a unique call identifier pass to an external application from CAD for UCCE. It looks like by default Call ID is not available to CAD. I can use call var to get the call ID and pass to CAD but that has to use ICM script. I need to be able to get the Call ID for any direct call or outbound call that doesn't go through any ICM script. Any idea? Thanks.                

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A unique identifier will be to concatenate call.routercallday, call.routercallkey, this is a unique number for each call.  Set this in a PV and send it down to CAD.


Hi David,

This unique identifier will be maintained throughout the call? CVP -> ICM -> Agent A -> Transfer to Agent B -> Transfer to CVP -> Back to Agent B -> Call ends



Yes, as long as all agents are ICM agents, the data will remain.


Hi David,

Is this (call.routercallday, call.routercallkey) the same as the CallGUID in CVP?



No, it's not, but there is a correlation between the two in the ICM DB.  Check out the CVP SRND for more information on the GUID.  Note that these numbers are completely different format.


i'm guessing ur referring to this part?

When a call arrives at a Unified CVP ingress gateway, Cisco IOS assigns that call a 36-digit hexadecimal

Global Unique Identifier (GUID) that uniquely identifies the call. Unified CVP carries that GUID through all

of the components that the call encounters, as follows:

• Ingress gateway — shown in Cisco IOS log files

• VoiceXML gateway — shown in Cisco IOS log files

• Unified CVP components — shown in Unified CVP log files

• Unified Intelligent Contact Management Enterprise (ICME) — shown in the Extended Call Context

(ECC) variable and stored with all Termination Call Detail (TCD) and Route Call Detail

(RCD) records

Hi David,

What i found (db schema) was the following exist is both CVP call table & ICM TCD table. Any idea if they have the same value?

a) Call Guid

b) RouterCallKey

c) RouterCallKeyDay

d) RouterCallKeySequenceNumber



Yes, those are the key values.  What are you asking specifically?


The main purpose is to be able to

a) pass these values to agent desktop as part of ECC

b) agent desktop to use (during the call) this to lookup against CVP to determine which function caller has used (something like an IVR transaction history)

c) agent desktop to use to determine time call spend in IVR + in queue before it was routed to agent. This part i'm not sure if its possible to pass those IVR time + queue time as part of another set of ECC or do a database lookup



I agree with David , otherwise you can use ECC variable user.mediaid and put that in some Variable and send it to CAD.


Irfan Tariq

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