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Passing DTMF after a transfer

We have a BPO using Avaya overseas.  We are looking to transfer DTMF digits to them for screen pop.  However they advised that they would need the call to connect, they send us a single DTMF digit (say 5 for argument), then upon us receiving the DTMF from them, we send them the DTMF digits collected from the customer (like a really weird 3-way handshake).  However I have been unable to find a way to make this happen.  Call Consult Transfer will pass DTMF, but does it once the call connects.  I've tried using Call Redirect with a Send Digit String step, but that does not work (I'm not hearing the DTMF on test calls).  Anybody have any suggestions?  I'm on UCCX 7.0

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Re: Passing DTMF after a transfer


Can't you put delay after the call is answered and send dtmf digit? By that time, hope you'll get the digit from them and you send the digit lets say 3s later?


- abu

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Re: Passing DTMF after a transfer

Try something like this (untested):

  • Accept and process your call-in call leg (call 1) as you wish
  • Put call 1 on hold
  • Use Place Call to set up your transfer to the external system (call 2)
    • When talking to the external system, you can receive and send DTMF at your pleasure to accomplish your handshake
  • When your handshake is done, glue the two calls together
    • Use Call Redirect to transfer call 1 to a CM Directed Call Park number
    • Use Call Redirect to transfer call 2 to the same Directed Call Park number's retrieval prefix

I think that should work, but again, untested. You'll ideally need a little Java fragment to properly arbitrate among multiple simultaneous callers, which script will use which CM DCP slot, but I think you could cheat on low-volume applications by just sleeping and retrying the call 1 redirect on the same DCP slot until it succeeds (frees up).

Let me know if that works for you.

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