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PCCE 11.5 - Agent Live Data Report in Finesse is not the same as in CUIC

Dear members,

We're facing an issue in Finesse with the "Agent Live Data Report" where the "Agent Name" column is not showing the agents' names but dots instead.

In CUIC the report is executing successfully and we don't have this issue.

Any suggestions on what could be checked/done?

Thank you in advance.


VIP Collaborator

Are you sure it isn't a case where the column width is not wide enough or something so it is only showing the dots?

Can you provide a screenshot of the "good" CUIC and "bad" Finesse versions?

Also, we might want the version of CUIC and Finesse that you have.

Hello Bill,

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Actually the issue got resolved after restarting CUIC. But we noticed that the Live Data Datasource on SideA is configured with the CUIC-IP instead of the FQDN, and this cannot be edited. Checking the PCCE installation guide, nothing is mentioned on how to edit it but in the UCCE guide it is mentioned that it needs to be edited from the CLI (set live-data cuic-datasource cuic-fqdn 8444 CUIC\Administrator password) and this command is not supported in PCCE.

On Side-B it is already configured with the FQDN.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

VIP Collaborator

Glad that it got resolved. Where do you see that the CUIC CLI isn't supported for PCCE?

When I exceute the command "set live-data cuic-datasource cuic-fqdn 8444 CUIC\Administrator password" in CUIC I got a message that this is not supported in PCCE.


VIP Collaborator

Hi, so you might want to reach out to Cisco, there's a defect re: this exact scenario,, and it is listed as a status of release pending.

Not sure if that would be a COP file update to CUIC to allow this, but you might want to check it out. The defect doesn't look like it has been modified for quite a while, but you'd likely need to talk to someone at Cisco to give you the true status.

Please let us know what you find if you can.

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