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PCCE CUIC 12.5 Agent Login Logout Historical Report 500 Agents Limit

We have a PCCE CUIC 12.5, with more than 820 agents. While running the Agent Login Logout Historical Report only allows us to choose 500 agents, so we have to run the report twice and choose the remaining agents. This consumes more time, and effort, and combining two exported sheets together, and all that can result in human error as well. Is there any solution to overcome this problem and run it only once?


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There's a couple ways you could do this, but one way may be to copy the Report Definition and set it up so that the user doesn't select the Agents when they run the report. For instance, are you reporting on all agents in the system, as if so you could update the definition to not require that input.

Thank you, I'll try that solution. However, if I may ask, what are the other solutions/ways that you pointed at first?


Thanks again in advance.

over the CUIC limitation by automating the process

1. use CUIC to schedule the report to network folder

2. Use excel macro (or custom tools built using python/similar)