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PG Decommissioning ICM 8.5

Alok Mohanty

This may sound funny but even after executing such changes 30+ times I am being forced to ask this question.

This has been a property of ICM Central Controllers and PGs alike , the PG reads the configuration from its

duplexed partner , if the server gets started or if it doesnt have the updated config key.

Thats the exact reason as to why we need to stop both the duplexed sides at one point of time while we are adding a new PIM

in a PG or decommissioning a PG over DMP in a Router.

If we didnot stop the services on both sides of PG at the same time , we dont see the reflection in RTTEST for a new PG addition or a PG decommission

over the DMP.I have experienced this over multiple versions of ICM and dont see any reason to have this fundamental behaviour changed in 8.5

However I was said by Cisco Relationship engineer this property has changed in 8.5 which I dont buy.

I would like to test/clarify this fact in the community if anyone has verified this fact in ICM 8.5



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Hi Alok,

I'm not exactly sure what the question is, here.

Are you trying to ADD a PG to the system?  Or remove it?

If all you're trying to do is take a PG off-line, you should be able to do that by simply shutting down the PG (both sides), and then editing the Callrouter component in ICM setup, to un-check the DMP box for that PG.  You should be able to just do one side of the callrouter, and then the other.

What issue(s) are you having when trying?  Are you getting an error? 

Or is it that the PG is somehow still showing up in RTTest:status?  That's what I inferred from your statement, but it's really un-clear.

Thanks for your response Steve.

I am planning to decommission a PG.

After shutting down the PGs , I goto Router A , run the DMP , uncheck the corresponding check box and complete the setup. Now do I stop services on Side B of router before bringing Side A up


Can I start Side A immediately after completing the which I can repeat the procedure on side B.

Based on my past experience if I start A immediately without stopping Side B(i.e causing 2 mins global outage) , the PG decom changes doesn't reflect in RTTEST.

So I wanted to check the recommended procedure.


Logically speaking as the Routers read the config from duplexed pair (based on updated config key) , If I start Side A immediately it reads the config changes from Side B of router thus overwriting the config changes(PG decoms) just made. So far we have been stopping Side B before bringing Side A up as it forces Router A to read the config from logger rather than getting from duplexed Router.


In my earlier query I had provided an analogy of adding PIM. When we add a new PIM we ensure both sides are stopped at one given point of time else it doesnt get updated in OPCTEST.

Hope I have made my query clearer.



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