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PG user not part of Application User after UCM upgrade to 6.1(5)



we just upgraded our Unified CallManager from 4.1(3) to 6.1(5) along with our IP/IVR from 4.0(5) to 7.0(1) and once we restored our IVR data and license count, we were successfully able to resync the JTAPI information between the IVR and UCM servers. We have also verified that the IVR jtapi user is set up as an Application User in UCM and all IVR ports are registered. BUT, we still don't see the ICM PG user set up as an Application User in UCM, it shows up as an End User. Reviewing that PG User shows that all CTI ports and agent phones are registered to it like it was set up in the previous CM version, but when we dial any of those CTI ports we get a fast busy now.

Is there a quick way to add this End User to the list of Application Users in UCM 6.1(5) so that the ICM PG servers will start communicating with this new Call Manager version, or do we need to delete that End User PG User and re-create it as a new Application User?
I tried this and it came back saying there is already a user with that name in the system.

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.



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Interesting problem - I've never seen that happen and we have upgraded a customer CUCM from 4.1(3) to 6.1(3a) in a UCCE deployment.

The associations are still in place and yet the user is in the wrong "class".  Very odd.

It may be possible to change the user class with the AXL interface, but I would just rename the user and create the PG user again as an App User, then reassociate devices. Should not take more than 20mins.




I do agree that this is quite strange. It's weird how it carried the PG User over during the upgrade but didn't configure it as an App User.

Renaming the existing PG User and adding it into the App User list and associating just one CTI Route Point and a few phones did the trick. We were able to dial that CTI RP and the ICM script worked like it should. Now all we need to do is associate the rest of the CTI RPs and phones and we're good to go.

Thanks again for your help.



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