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Picking up calls with CTRL+A in Cisco Agent Desktop with a Cisco 7941G


How or where do you change the default softkey to use the headset button on a Cisco 7941G when you pickup calls from Cisco Agent Desktop using CTRL+A?

The phone is a Cisco 7941G, the Cisco Agent Desktop is a Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 7.0 - Cisco Agent Desktop 6.6 Build

By default it goes onto the speaker button on the Cisco 7941G.

Where do I change this?

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The current answering mode is set on the phone, rather than within CAD.

If you touch the Headset button on the phone and get dialtone, and then touch End Call, you'll notice the phone hangs up and returns to idle, but the Headset light stays on. That leaves you in headset mode. Now if a call comes in and you touch the Answer softkey on the phone, it will answer to headset rather than the default mode of speaker. And likewise, CAD CTI commanded answer will answer to the headset.

Is there any way to program the Cisco 7941G to stay in headset mode by default ?

I don't think so. From CCMAdmin you can knock out the speakerphone entirely, but from memory I don't think that's going to force headset mode. You can set a line to auto-answer to headset (or to speaker) explicitly, but auto-answer is only appropriate in very specific environments. This is typically handled with just a few minutes of user training.

(adding) To be clear, headset mode will stay on until the user chooses to turn it off. You don't have to do it for every call.

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Hi Jason

The reason why I want the Cisco 7941G to be forced into headset mode is that the phones will be used in a Call Center environment where I dont want it to go to speaker when the call is received.

If there is no way to do it from CCMAdmin, then I will have the users set it in headset mode before they start the CAD.

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