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Play audio file from external media server in UCCx campaign



I have UCCx 11.6 premium version

In UCCx script we want to load prompts from external media server in order to play it into the call flow menus.

UCCx and media server, both are on the same LAN.


We already have an URL were to download those prompts through a Webservice from media server and in the call flow we have the logic to consume this WS into the steps of the script.


Now we want to have that prompt to be downloaded in some temporal folder in UCCx in order to call it from prompt step and play during the call flow at the time calling the trigger of the App.


Is it possible to do that?

If yes, how can we achieve it.

Is it another advice to play those prompts from external media server?

Please advise.


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Sean Lynch
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...I just saw this.  Did you already get this resolved?  I don't have a solution, off-the-top-of-my-head, but I like these kind of challenges.  Let me know if you would like to collaborate.



There is a very clever chap who works for Cisco called Paul Tindall who has done some amazing work integrating Cisco contact centre platforms with external services and he shares quite a lot of content on-line.

It would be worth checking out his stuff - it might not be exactly what you have asked for but will show you how to do some coool stuff with REST.

Regarding the original question it is pretty simple to download prompts from an external web server and play them  using a script such as that shown below.



It probably would not be a good idea to do this for every call but you should be able to "cache" the prompts using Session steps.

Edit - Script attached

Gerry O'Rourke
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UCCX Premium Also supports VXML and that a simple way to play a wav file from any HTTP Web Server.

I have not used VXML with a standard UCCX Scripting but a quick google found the below link which shows you how and it even states exactly why you might want to do this - which is the same reason you want to use it for.


"VXML is used in order to retrieve and play Prompts on-demand from an off-box location. If you store large amounts of Prompts on a separate web server, you can:"






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