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Play prompt within Select Resource Selected Step


I am trying to play the "Your call may be monitored or recorded" message to the customer before they are connected to an agent. If the agent is immediately selected (no queue) the message plays OK. If the customer is queued first then agent becomes ready later, the message is never heard.

Select Resource


          Play Prompt msgCallWillBeMonitored



          Call Hold

          Delay 60

          Call Unhold

          If Counter < Max, continue queue

Thoughts? Could it be because the agent is on hold when the message is played? Thanks in advance.

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Accepted Solutions

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If they were in the Queued branch, the incoming caller was likely still on hold at that moment. Lift them off hold (Call Unhold), then play it. It is safe to call Call Unhold whether or not the caller is presently on hold.

That said, be aware of two things:

  1. Just so you're aware, the selected agent will sit in Reserved for a few extra seconds for every call and your call-in-queue times will increase by that same amount. They sit in Reserved already while the phone is ringing, but now they'll be in Reserved while that prompt plays as well. Let your agents, supervisors, and anyone who reads historical reports know what to expect.
  2. There's no particular guarantee your agent will actually pick up that call. Be prepared to handle failure of the Connect step; UCCX does this automatically for Connect = yes, but it's your problem for Connect = no. Also, be aware that if they don't answer, the recording warning will end up playing again next time we do find an available agent.

Traditionally, a "Call may be recorded" announcement is made just before Select Resource rather than in the agent connect logic. That way it only plays once, and the time spent doing so isn't charged to the CSQ for reporting purposes.

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Amer rajai Sha'er
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Thats' because it's under the selected , copy it and paste it under the queued and try.



or if you don't want to use it twice , place the play prompt before the select resource step.