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Please Explain UCCX Application 'Maximum Sessions'

Can someone elaborate on this concept for me? I understand it is the number of instances an application can have simultaneously. However, I have seen total calls on an application greater than the maximum number of sessions.

Does a session end once the caller is connected to an agent? Are calls in queue counted as a session? Thank you.


What this really means is "Maximum Threads". Each time you trigger the script through that application a session (thread) is generated until that script reaches the End step.

Depending on the scenario there are different things that could cause the trigger. For an inbound voice call, as long as the caller is on the CTI Port it is generally safe to say that is a session. Once the caller is connected to an agent, the script SHOULD be configured to proceed to the End step and be done. This would in turn release that session. If you have the script doing extra steps afterwards, such as writing IVR selections to a database, the session could remain in progress even after the caller is connected to the agent.

@Jonathan  If I wanted to create a test environment can I simply create a new application, add a Route Point Trigger to it, and point it to a copy of my script.  This way I can modified the script and not worry about breaking production.  All I have to do is dial the test environment route point?

I am new to UCCX so just trying to get a good idea on how I can setup a test environment to try out new ideas.

HI Luis,

Adding to Jonathan's above answer, make sure that the Route Point configured with the UCCX application also has the Default sessions as the application, so that there is no discrepency on the sessions bewteen application and its associated Route point.

You also ned to associte the CCG (call control group) with this Route point. A call control group consists of a range of CTI ports. Again care shoud be taken here so that the number of CTI ports in thie CCG are equal of greater than the number of sessions, so that you can see that the max sessions are achieved with this application.

One more point is the overall calls processd by UCCX is also dependent on the number of Licenced IVR ports (call in the Queue will consume one licensed IVR port), so addition of all the calls in each of these application quesues if it goes beyond the Licensed IVR ports, it wont be processed.

Hope it helps.


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