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Post Call Treatment Issue

We have an initial IVR script that presents the caller with 5 departments to transfer to, the 5 scripts have the PostCallTreatment setup on them and all of them transfer to a script responsible for capturing the agent extension and adding a "#" to send that stored variable as DTMF once the Consult Transfer is completed. The issue is that if you call the IVR, and choose any of the 5 CSQ's and the agent ends the call in Finesse which then sends the caller to the external survey it is sending the trigger number of the IVR application, not the agent extension. However, if I call the trigger of any of the 5 department applications and do the same it sends the agent extension to the external survey fine. Just trying to figure out how I stop it from grabbing the trigger number instead of the agent extension because I know the Post Call Treatment portion of the scripts are working correctly.





Are you grabbing the number in the survey script with like a Get Contact Info step or something?  If so, which field in the step are you grabbing?  Calling Number?  Can you share a snippet of the script with us?


There is a Get Contact Info which contains "Last Directed Number" with a variable of "str_AgentExt"

PostCallTreatment Script 01.jpg



Sorry, I didn't quite understand what you were doing until I saw your script, and now I think I get it.  Here's what I think the problem is: the End button in Finesse is performing a blind transfer and your script is never seeing the Agent's extension, however I do see you're attempting to capture the Agent's extension from the Last Redirect Number field of the Get Call Contact Info step, only, this is not a redirect.

Now, I'm not even positive there is a field inside the Get Call Contact Info step which will reveal the Agent's extension to your script, so, feel free to try each of the available options to see if one does work.

What I do know will work is, you attach the Agent's extension (and possibly other details) to the Contact object for the caller, such that when the caller lands on this intermediate script, you can read the Agent data from it, and use that instead.  You can write the data with the Set Enterprise Call Info step in the original script after you capture an Agent, and then read it back out again with the Get Enterprise Call Info step in the intermediate script before you perform the Call Consult Transfer.

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