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Prioritising Some numbers on queue

Khurram Tariq

hi people

we are running call center and using call manager 8.5 with UCCX 8.5, we have some critical customers who want to attend there without waiting in the queue, please help me out and give me good suggestion to prioritize some numbers so they would not wait in thr queue and also if i want these call on a particular agent extension..?

please help me i would be highly thankfull..

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Thanks for the support ,

well  everytime we have to update just xml file in doc repositary if we want to add a new number...?? and let me know where i put this on my case i thunk it should be right after get contact info what u suggest and we had assign priority of 10 to those numbers who are matched with xml document right....??

i have made this script in test environment tell me one more thing, can i make another test application in uccx for this test script and call the trigger to test my script...??


well yes, if you update the XML file, you must upload it to the Document Repository. Otherwise, how would the UCCX know that the file has been updated?

You can put it wherever you want to, but best before the part where the script selects the agents (probably the Select Resource step).

Yes, you can make as many test applications with scripts as you want.



Thanks much for prompt response, well i have  a plan to test it tonight, i will let yuou know if there is any problem i would face.

Appreciate highly your prompt response.

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