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Probably simple question on how UCCX works

Level 1
Level 1

Does UCCX actually handle the phone call, or does it drop it off to Call Manager when an agent takes the call?  The reason I'm asking is because we're having complaints about queue calls dropping and Agent Desktop loosing connection and then reconnecting a few seconds later.

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Tanner Ezell
Level 4
Level 4

UCCX retains call control until the call has been successfully connected to an agent. At which point standard phone signaling with the CUCM takes place.

The issue you are describing sounds more like a network/WAN failure.

Tanner Ezell

Tanner Ezell

OK, that's what I thought.  The others in IT think that UCCX handles all of it, but I told them that when an agent answers the call CUCM takes over.  The dropped calls aren't UCCX's problem as much as it would be CUCM's problem, but the issue seems to only be happening to our tech support people who are using 7925g phones.  One other person with a 6941 in the same area reported a couple of dropped calls as well.

Thanks for the quick response!

Depends on when the call is failing.  Does it fail during the handoff to the Agent of is the call established for a period of time and then failing?

Anthony Holloway

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