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PSA: Upgrading UCCX from 11.6 to 12.0 - Cisco OEM Quality Management (Calabrio) licenses no longer exist. Replaced with AQM

Joey Gore

Hey all your Cisco Call Center users,experts,admins. 

I just wanted to make admins aware that when you are running Cisco UCCX 11.6 with Cisco Quality Management Call Recording and you have QM licenses seats, they will no longer exist when upgrading to UCCX 12.0.


Instead, you will be automatically upgraded to Advanced Quality Management seats (AQM).


Why the fuss? Because it WILL remove all your licensed agents in QM (Calabrio) and you will have to manually add them back and we all know how much fun that is. Not sure if Cisco has a solution in place to get around this issue, but be prepared to relicense all your agents and reassign them to their devices once you complete your 12.0 upgrade. Thanks and good luck out there!




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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
I dont know if I got lucky or because I had a mix of CR, QM, AQM - but when I upgraded one of my clusters to 12.5, I had all services and the database shut down on the AQM server during the upgrade / licence change. After bringing it all back up, re-synced from the post install tool and had no issues.

Stopping the Sync service on QM is a requirements when performing any maintenance on UCCX. This is likely what it was. I wonder if OP did that.

@Anthony Holloway 

I don't recall stopping any services on QM during the UCCX upgrade. With that being said, all of my agents were licensed merely for QM. The new UCCX license file that I obtained from TAC did not license the agents for QM since it no longer exists in version 12x. The license file I was given was for AQM, so once I applied it, everything in my QM configuration remained the same. However no one was licensed for QM since it no longer existed.

Makes sense to me. But if you read the QM Admin guide, you'll see that you're supposed to stop the Sync Agent when doing UCCX work.

Hmm interesting. Were you guys already on 12.0? 

I actually have not run into this yet, so I cannot speak from experience. Thanks for sharing your experience.
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