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Query on CUIC Reporting


I have the below queries on CUIC reporting.

  • Not Ready Time means they have forced themselves into a state of not receiving calls? Is this different from breaks?
  • What do Reserved Time & Work Time mean?
  • Calls Presented = Calls Handled + Abandoned, But I see in reporting that Call Abandoned is missing in Calls Presented.
  • Dequeued Calls--> What does this mean and how do we calculate this?



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Not Ready Time:
Ready and Not Ready are the general states.
You can label different Not Ready states, to track, if you wish.
You can label a Not Ready state as Break, or Lunch, or Calling People Back, Training, etc. This will allow you to see how many minutes of breaks, or lunch, or calling people back, etc the employee has done.


Reserved Time & Work Time:
Reserved Time refers to when the agent/phone is reserved to receive a call. Think of it as when the phone is ringing.
I have agents that have very LOW reserve times (they answer immediately), and
I have agents that have very HIGH reserve time (they wait till the very last second to answer - I guess this gives them 10 more seconds of freedom per call, or a few more minutes of being busy during the day, and keeps them from having to handle as many calls)
Work Time is something you can setup AFTER the call. We have a 30 second automatic work time for wrapping up the ticket created. Agent can put themselves back into Ready mode to answer more calls quicker, but cannot put themselves into 'work' state.


Calls Presented:
This is the number of calls sent to the agent.
Lets say the agent receives a call, but did not answer. This puts the agent in 'Not Ready - Call Not Answered' state.

This agent had 1 call presented, and 0 answered.


When the agent returns to their desk a moment later, and puts themselves in 'Ready' mode again. He can receive the same call presented to them again (assuming nobody else answered this call), and if he answers this exact same call on hold, the agent would have 2 calls presented, and 1 answered. Of course, during a busy day, you could have an agent with 80 presented calls and almost as many answered. Think of it as How many calls were OFFERED to the agent.


Dequeued Calls:
Dequeued calls are callers in queue, they might be offered to press 1 to hear how they can send an email for their issue, or fill out a form. They are then removed, or dequeued, from the regular queue they are in.



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