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Query regarding finesse with UCCX 10.5

Level 1
Level 1

                How would I create a bosh connection with finesse 10.5 Uccx ,using a third party  java api(e.g babbler) as we are developing third party non gadget thick client application. Do we need to connect to the finesse server using a proxy or else where can I get certificates of finesse server to connect to the finesse server securely ?

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Level 4
Level 4

You can connect to the Notification Service inside the UCCX/Finesse Server.  Since you are writing a non-Gadget Thick Application you have a couple different options.  You _could_ go with a BOSH connection like our browser clients do, or, you can opt for a straight secure XMPP connection instead.  Depending on what 3rd Party Libraries you have available to you, using standard XMPP might be easier to deal with.  If you need to use BOSH and need to use the Certificates, you could either connect with a browser and save, or go to the Cisco Unified Operating System Administration (https://server/cmplatform), then Security -> Certificate Management to download Certs there.


Thanks  Gary,

What is the user name passed while logging in Cisco finesse uccx

As when I use a java api to coneect to cisco finesse uccx server  it says plain authentication failed while I try to login and this error arises when the username password is incorrect.

And I have given the username and password as configured in  uccx.

So wanted to know while creating a connection do we need append anything to the username ???