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Question about adjust Call priority based on IPCC 7.0


I want to adjust the call priority based on the customer ANI. When the ?gold? customer dialed into the call center and all of the agents are busy, they can be serviced after one agent is ready.

Following step is I want to deploy.

1) I want to use IP IVR to collect the user input then use ODBC to search the customer DB.

2) Return one variable indecate Y or N

3) Then assign this value to call.peripheralvariable1

4) In IPCC Script, use the IF step to determine the type of customer

5) Now I want to adjust the call priority.

But I can not find the solution. How can I do this in the IPCC Enterprise? I have tried to use the set variable step to set the priority and can not find the variable like call.priority. Is there another way to accomplish it?

Any effort would be appreciated.

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You can try the following,

When you have identified the customer to be queued as high priority, you can use the "Queue Priority" node in the ICM script to prioritize the call before you queue to the skill group.

By default the Calls queued in skill group has priority "5", you can set the value in this node to anything less than 5 and you can queue to the same skill group.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for relay.

From the document,it said"Only use the Queue Priority node after a Queue to Skill Group node." The funcation of step is increase the priority after one call waits some seconds in the queue. So I think this step can not solve my question.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

In IPCC Enterprise, Call Priority is only considered when a call is in queue--setting the call priority before the call is queued actually doesn't do anything at all. To make this work, you can set the queue priority for the call either in the Queue to Skill Group node (defaults to 5) or once the call is already in queue, use the Queue Priority node to bump it up or down. A call can only have one priority, so if you issue a second Queue to Skill Node (or hit it again in the queue loop after resetting the priority with a Queue Priority node), the priority will be reset to whatever the Queue to Skill node is set for--across all queues the call is in. When an agent becomes available in IPCC, the Call Router looks at the skills that agent has and looks for the highest priority call that has been in queue the longest that matches those skills to match the call in queue to that agent.


Wow. Thanks for the post. I have ALWAYS increase the priority on RONA calls BEFORE the Queue to Skill group node. I learn something new every day :)

adignan - berbee

Thank you for post.

If all of the agents are busy,One "gold" customer and one common customer call the call center and they are all in queue.Then one agent is ready.How can I ensure the "gold" customer can get service firstly?Which method can used to accomplish the goal?


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