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Questions on agent state of phone ready and email ready

An agent can put themselves in both phone ready and email ready state...does that mean they will get both a phone call and an email at the same time?

Or does it mean that if they get an email, they go to not ready state for both phone and email?

If an agent is both phone ready and email ready state, which takes priority?  Is there a way to ensure (configure) incoming phone calls take priority over incoming emails?

Also under configuring agent e-mail, Maximum number of e-mails on agent desktop = the maximum number of e-mails an agent can have on the desktop at any one time - what does that really mean?

We are running UCCX v7.0(1)

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Re: Questions on agent state of phone ready and email ready

Don't get too worried about Agent e-mail.  It's nothing more than an integrated browser window where they can read and compose replies.

So if the Agent is replying to an e-mail, and they receive a call, which they can, the browser is just going to sit there and wait and do nothing.

It's not like they are getting two calls at once.

The max number of e-mails just means, how many can sit in CAD before queuing the others.  So if you change this to 5, each agent will be able to manage 5 emails each, the other new inbound emails will queue waiting for an agent to reply to one and drop down to 4 emails.

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Re: Questions on agent state of phone ready and email ready

The terminology used is that email is an "interruptible" channel and voice and web chat are not. So if you are on a voice call, you cannot get interrupted - by any call, be it another voice call, a web chat, an email. You are ready on all three channels, but cannot be interrupted.

As for the email channel, you can get interrupted by a voice call or a web chat at any time, if you are ready.

(Aside: In UCCE you can change this behaviour and make email a non-interruptible channel, if you so desire - I don't have any customers that have wanted it that way.)

The number of concurrent tasks you can handle on a channel is configurable. By default, voice is 1. I don't think that can be changed - and rightly so.

But web chat and email can allow a number of concurrent tasks. In email, these are sitting in your "current activity" box and you are handling them in some random order. In web chat, they represent different customers you are chatting with at the same time.



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