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Quick Login method for UCCX IP Phone Agent



I am looking for a way to allow an UCCX agent quickly login from an IP phone without put the username/password, ideally it can only input the extention ID and able to Login.

The "One button login" setup works good but we are using LDAP for authentication, whenever an agent make a password change, we don't want to modify the password in Call Manager phone service.

Any idea, thanks                  

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Gergely Szabo
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


well, you want to write an application that magically reads the password from LDAP and automatically supplies it to the authenticator? Looks like a security issue - and, by the way, LDAP would not give you the password itself.

You can try to create a server that would listen for HTTP GET requests coming from phones with the agent ID as the GET parameter, and then use CTI calls to log in the agent. But this might be a bit challenging, especially, if you don't have previous experience with UCCX CTI.


Actually, we don't even want the agent to input the password to login, like just type the extension number and login.

Typing the username/password just a pain from the IP phone.

How about creating dummy users in AD with password never expires and use these for agent login?

Normal user: ABC

Dummy user: ABCagent (lock it down as much as possible)

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