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"Unable to Log Into RASCAL server"

Callmanager 4.1(3)SR2, IPCC 3.5(3), Agent

When I start the Agent I recieve the following error "Recording and Statistics Server is down and is attempting to recover ... Recording and Agent Statistics will be unavailable.". We are not using recording so I'm unsure why this would appear. Any info would be appreciated.


Re: "Unable to Log Into RASCAL server"

Can you check if the following services are running in Apps Server

1. "Cisco Desktop RASCAL Server"

2. "Cisco Desktop VOIP Monitor Server"


Re: "Unable to Log Into RASCAL server"

(new reply to a really old problem)

Neither service is installed on the server. It may have been installed at some point, but is not longer enabled or needed. Is there a way to disable this? An ini-file perhaps?


Re: "Unable to Log Into RASCAL server"

Did you ever get a resolution to this problem? I am actually running into this after a failed upgrade from 3.5(2) to 3.5(4)

~ Rob Oliveira ~

Re: "Unable to Log Into RASCAL server"

Unfortunately no one replied to me. I'll have to open a TAC case I guess...


Re: "Unable to Log Into RASCAL server"

What was the final outcome - having the same problems.

Tx - Jim


Re: "Unable to Log Into RASCAL server"


I don't recall the specific fix, but it was largely going back over the entire agent configuration ... pay particular attention to the drive mapping to the source files on the IPCC share and checking permissions and/or using full administrative rights.

I dug these install intructions up that I gave to an admin a while back. Substitute your hostname, ip addresses, and whatever user ID you want to use for the share permissions (naturally you need to create this account on the IPCC server and assign permissions):

Log in as the Administrator to the workstation

1. Open the file C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\lmhosts (no extension) file with Windows Notepad

a. If only the file lmhosts.sam file exists, copy or rename it to lmhosts (with NO extension)

b. scroll to the bottom of the document and add “ ” then save the document and close

2. Map an available network drive to \\\DESKTOP_CFG using user 'ipccuser' and password 'ipccuser123' and choose reconnect at login

3. From the Start menu choose Run

4. Enter \\\DESKTOP_CFG\desktop\InstallManager then click OK

a. The installation may take some time to start. If the installation does not start within 5 minutes, re-run the command

b. If you receive a warning that the publisher of the application could not be verified, choose OK to run the installer

5. From the Select Options screen, check “Agent Desktop”, then click Next

6. At the “Start Copying Files” screen confirm the following information, then click Next

a. Directory Services Location:

b. Logical Call Center: IPCC LCC

c. Destination location: C:\Program Files\Cisco\Desktop

d. CTI Manager A: ()

7. The installation is successful when the installation completes and the Agent Desktop icons appear in the start menu

8. Right-mouse click on the Start Menu button and select “Explore All Users”

9. Copy the Agent Desktop icon to the “All Users\Desktop folder”

10. Log out of Administrator

11. Log back in with user's normal login ID

12. Run the Agent Desktop application and log-in.

Good luck,



Re: "Unable to Log Into RASCAL server"

Whenever your system config is changed or you want to make sure the agent are getting the right profile at download time, first action would be specially if something got changed in between to do the following:

run the postinstall tool:

C:\Program Files\Cisco\Desktop\bin\Postinstall.exe

The file will update the config files the desktops load when initialising from the network share in 3.5.x systems.




Re: "Unable to Log Into RASCAL server"

Thanks for the reply - I finally got tired of trying to find out why it wasn't' working and just formatted and reinstalled everything - this way I knew all the files and registers were not corrupted. After creating all the queue's it appears to working fine.


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