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Record Element in call studio


Hi Team,


I am facing one issue in Record with Confirmation element. we have the requirement like once customer record the information and then we need to playback for confirmation press 1 and not confirm press 2 .

after the record with confirmation element  i placed the decision element for pass the string press 1 for confirmation and press 2 for not confirm. 

If i press 1 it went to the proper flow which i linked from decision element . then if i press 2 for not confirm

it not go to next which i linked from decision element, its playing same element itself Record with confirmation element


Decision element logic here 

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Appreciate your quick response!!!!1


So you want to record their audio response, then if they press 1 to confirm then you want to play it back, but if they press 2 then you do not want to play it back?

Hi Quigath,

yes exactly, your understanding is correct what i need do for that?.

After Record element i placed the decision element then i given expression for that if string match 1 its should go to next element and if string match 2 it should go to next element but when i press 1 it went proper flow and if press 2 couldn't pass the next element these is what i tried.

if mine is wrong please share you ideas so i can implement that one.

Really appreciate your responses !!!!!!!!!!

Sounds you have the right idea on how to format the logic. It sounds like the problem is in the details of your Call Studio nodes.

Check your logs, is the logic hitting your option 2 code? If it is then you'll need to look at your option 2 nodes for any problems as to why it's not working the way you'd like.

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