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Redirecting a call to another CSQ after X Seconds

Jeff Martin
Level 1
Level 1

I have a CSQ called Reception which only ever has one agent signed into it. Currently, my script looks for agents that are ready in the Reception queue and if none are available it sends it down a Call Subflow to another Script which is working great. What I am wanting to add to the script is if a call is ringing on the agents phone in the reception queue for longer then a set number of seconds it will send the call down the call subflow to the next CSQ. I'm not sure exactly how to go about doing this. I added a call hold / delay for 10 seconds / unhold / Call Subflow but when I do a reactive debug the call never gets that far in the script it just sees that an agent is available and keeps trying to ring the phone over and over again.           

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

So, you are looking to route the call to another script on Ring No Answer (RONA)?

The RNA timer is defined without the script under the "timeout" filed in Select Resource step or timeout under Connect step.  What you want to do is check the "connected" radio button under the selected node add Connected step where you can define the timeout and under failed branch point to where you want the call to go. Here is an example



     I don't have the Failed Option under my Select Resource. I only have Connected and Queued. As far as setting the RNA timer do I just right click on the Select Resource and do properties and set the Timeout value to what I want it to be?

You need to change the "select resrouce" "Connect" option to NO, and then under selected node insert "Connect" Step, just like on my screenshot.


If I select No for Connect on Select Resource I get a message for "Unable to parse expression"

Hmm, can you post a screen shot?

Because you have "Connect" set to "No", the Select Resource step will store the selected Agent into a User variable, which is what is missing from the "Resource Selected" field.

Create a variable type "User" and specify it there.

Otherwise, you can set "Connect" to "Yes" and you will not have that issue.

Tanner Ezell

Tanner Ezell

Okay I have the variable created and I have the timeout set to 6 but when I make a call the Receptionists phone rings but is not dequeued and sent to the Water Billing SubFlow

When I do a reactive debug I see the call ring for 7 seconds and then go to the failed branch which has an option for dequeue and a call redirect option I can see it highlight the Call Redirect Step but it does not actually send the call through the call redirect it jumps back to the Connected branch and starts over.

Jeff make sure the Agent is in a Not Ready it doesn't go back..

I don't want the agent to be not ready I just want the ringing call to go to a different queue or use call redirect after the phone rings for more than 15 seconds and is not answered. The forward no answer timer is set to 15 seconds on the agents DN and the timeout is set to 30 seconds on the Connect step. After 15 seconds you can see it select the dequeue step and then jump back to the connected step and erring the agents dn

Try Dequeuing the call first..then hit the Redirect Step..


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