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Refreshing Rates - CSD 8.0 - UCCE 8.0


I'm running Supervisor Desktop 8.0 and the team state is not refreshing. When I have a look to View/Prefereces the Refresh rate in seconds is greyed out and set to manual. When I login to Supervisor Desktop with another user the same field is greyed out as well, but the parameter is set to 1. With this second user the view is refreshed.

Can someone tell me, where I can configure this Refresh rate for the Team state?

Does someone had similar problems?


Saeed Syed

You have manually refresh it. What is not refreshing agent state when moving them around diffrent CSQ's? logout and login see if that makes a differnce. We had this problem with 8.5 and was resolved by installing SU4. Enviorment UCCX 8.5.

Thank you for helping me, Saeed! But the login/logout made no difference.

We are using UCCE version 8.0(1a).

The Cisco Supervisor Desktop User Guide says:

     Agents Team State:

          ...The data is obtained from the Chat service. The data refresh rate is 1 second, and is not configurable...

Since that setting is not configurable (by end-users) how can I change thar from Manual to 1sec?


There are some screenshots of what i'm talking about.

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