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Retrieve call from Queue via dialed number


Using IPCC express standard 4.0(3)

I have a scenario where I need to accept an incoming call (first script), put the caller on hold or in a queue, page overhead announcing "there is a call for john doe".

I then need to have a user go to any phone and dial an extension (a second script) that would pull the original caller from the first script off of hold or queue and ring the phone.

I can figure out all the scripting except how to pull a call on hold or queued in one script over too a second script. Is it possible?


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Frequent Contributor

Real-Time Routing Decisions:

ICM software utilizes real-time, event-driven data such as agent status, queue status, and incoming call type in making its call-by-call routing decisions. You can establish routing decisions for a wide range of agent and service performance metrics, including agent availability, the ratio of calls in progress to logged-in/ready agents, or the ratio of calls in queue to staffed/scheduled agents.

Well, I guess my first question would be why not just park the caller, page over the loud speaker that the call is parked at XXXX extension.

If that doesn't suffice, you can use the CRS_Park.aef script located in the CRS Script Repository:

andy dignan - berbee

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I ended up doing a transfer to an open FXS port that allows any other phone to do a group pickup to grab the call. I looked at the CRS_Park.aef in the repository but it was missing the java applet that would make it work.

Everything is working fine using group pickup but thanks for the help.

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