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Route external callers to queue instead of agent DN

I am trying to determine the best practice for setting up / changing the agent extensions configuration in our call center.


Our setup is CUCM 11.5 with 300+ users.  50 of these users are CCX agents on our CCX 11 system.  10 of these agents have been with the company long before the ACD system was added.  Their extensions have been the same for that entire time.  Our customers know this extension number so instead of calling into the call handler and going thru the queue, the call the user directly by entering their extension.  NOW we have 30% of the calls to this department going into the queue and 70% going direct where we have no idea what product line they initially called about.  A new manager is now covering this group of users and is trying to figure out the workload but only can see that for every 10 calls, only 3 of them are in the ccx reports showing they came into a certain queue.  The rest are just direct calls (internal? external?)


We would like to setup the system so that if an internal user calls the 2xxx number, it rings the agents device.  But if an external caller attempts a direct transfer from the call handler OR from being transferred from the receptionist, it would go to an ACD queue.  I know it is a CSS setting but I can't get the configuration right to make this work.  Any help is appreciated.

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Are these extension calls from an external customer or within the same CUCM?

If this is an external, incoming call - you could go as far as creating translation patterns on the voice gateway so when the call is sent to CUCM, it only sees the queue number.
Other than that, you can change the partition of the agent lines - and have the CSS on the inbound trunk from the router not include this partition, but internal CSS includes the partition.


Thanks for the reply Mike.  I will test this next week and report back.


Hi  Thartley,

Have you been able to resolve your problem ?

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