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Sample code question

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I've read through the CTI Protocol Developer guide, but am looking for a little help getting started since the sample code doesn't seem to exist anymore. Could someone post sample java code that demonstrates the steps and format with which to successfully communicate with the CTI server on UCCX. I am trying to understand the steps with regards to initiating the communication with the server, the code to listen for its response, and the format of the CTI protocol from the CTI Developer Guide. For example, I see in the guide under "Table 3 OPEN_REQ Fixed Part Message Body Format" where it talks about the field names like InvokeID, but without the sample code that was previously available, I'm not understanding the format of the information that would actually need to get sent to the CTI server for the OPEN_REQ to be successful. Any code samples would be greatly appreciated, even if it's just the OPEN_REQ only, just something that helps illustrate the format of the messages. Thank you in advance

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