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Script Override Button for CRA ICD ACD


We are running 2 call centers using CRA 3.1(2). We would like to be able to manually override the scripts so that the call center agents could continue to operate past the normal closing time as needed or to even be available on weekends or holidays if necessary. For ease of use, I would like the agent's supervisors to be able to activate this override without me modifying the scripts.on the fly. A softkey toggle on the supervisors phone would be ideal. We are running CM3.3... Any ideas? Thanks Dick

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I think the best way to do this is the following:


- 9 a.m - 5 p.m

- GoTo Open

- Rest

- GetReportingStatistic (check to see if an agent is logged in)

- If AgentLoggedOn == 0


- GoTo Afterhours


- GoTo Open

That way, between 9 and 5 all calls will go to the Open label, any other hours you can check to see if an agent is logged in, if so go to Open, if not GoTo Afterhours. That way you are never REALLY closed until the agents are all logged out.

For Holidays, do the same. In the Holiday script if todayIsAHoliday is == True, use the same logic. If someone is logged in then stay open, if no you are closed.

Andy - Berbee


In addition...

If you need to check the time value dynamically and branch the script accordingly, refer the following procedure...

1. Get the Time value in string. (e.g.) X="10:10:10"(hh:mm:ss format). Set this variable X as parameter. You can specify values to this parameter from appadmin without altering the script.

2. Using execute java step split the variable X and store the value of hours and minutes in separate variable. Say Hrs and Mts.

3. Using java step get the current hours and minutes value and store the same in a separate variable. Say CurHrs and CurMts.

4. Now compare CurHrs with Hrs and CurMts with Mts.

Follow the above procedure for comparing the value of day of week.

The tech note below specifies the method to obtain the Current Date When Writing a Cisco CRS Script

Use the above URL as reference to retrieve the hours, minutes, seconds and day value in the script.



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