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Setting up Cisco Spark Team Announcement Gadget ?

I have followed the guide and now all I see is loading ... Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 3.52.16 PM.png

Any idea what wrong I might have done?

Cisco Employee

Do you have a pop up blocker? Did a new tab/window open? If so, did you get the spark login page? Did you fill out the section in the *.js and oauth.html? Need more details to help.

Also, what version of the gadget are you using? Does the version of the gadget match the Finesse version?


1- No I don't have any pop-up blocker.

2- No new window or tab

3- I filled the section .js and oauth.html as document states.

     * The updated files are

          oauth.html and SparkTeamAnnouncements.js

4- Using Finesse 10.5 and using SparkTeamAnnouncementsSampleGadget

Yes, gadget and finesse are of the same version.



In both your files, the Finesse domain is the FQDN and not the IP address. Also, you say that you are using 10.5, but a 10.5 version was not released for the SparkTeamAnnouncementsSampleGadget. The link you gave is for 10.6. If you are indeed on 10.5, you can follow this blog by reversing the instructions: How to convert your existing 10.5.1 custom gadget to work with 10.6.1, 11.0.1, or 11.5.1.




I am getting a bit further than Rana but have not crossed the finish line.  When I start up finesse 10.6.1.  I see this.


I also get a second tab that requests that I log into Spark and when I do then I see this.2017-04-10_14-27-04.jpg


Thanks to another developer I was able to determine my issue was the redirect URI.

After I got it working I could see what the spark integration instructions meant. 

The redirect URI needs to be

Web Maxtor: UCCX Finesse and Spark Team Announcement gadget as a CAD CSD team messages and chat replacement


I am running into the same exact issue.  I am seeing the gadget render however, it appears stuck in the loading state. 

For my Finesse Domain I am just using (Tried it both with the Hostname.Domain and I get the same results)

For the redirectURL I am using the location of downloaded Oauth.html that is hosted on an IIS Web Server. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Hi Steve,

Can you give more details of your problem?

1) Does the popup for spark login open?

2) When using the browser developer tools, what do you see in the console? Is the gadget able to find the Spark access token?

For the finesseDomain, is correct. If you put the redirectURL into the browser, do you see some text?

Also, try to clear your browser cookies and try again.




Thank you for responding.  When I launch Finesse I do get a pop-up to log into spark and that seems to work just fine.

I do not appear to get an access Token.

2017-06-07T09:11:58.721 -07:00: : Jun 07 2017 09:12:07.305 -0700: SparkTeamAnnouncementsGadget : _getAccessToken(): Getting the access token  concat:15437:17

2017-06-07T09:11:58.721 -07:00: : Jun 07 2017 09:12:07.305 -0700: SparkTeamAnnouncementsGadget : _getAccessToken(): Unable to retrieve the access token  concat:15437:17

2017-06-07T09:11:58.722 -07:00: : Jun 07 2017 09:12:07.306 -0700: SparkTeamAnnouncementsGadget : _updateGadget(): The access token is not available yet. Try again in the next iteration.


Hi Steve,

Here are a few things to check:

1) In your App on, make sure the redirectURI can be accessed via the browser. When loaded, it should just say "Authenticating...".

2) In your App on, make sure the App Icon URL is an external URL. Cisco Spark needs to be able to access it. Someone ran into this issue in the past where they hosted the icon on their server.

3) In the popup window for the spark login, use the browser's developer tools to see if the oauth.html is being executed, specifically the "success" callback.

4) Check your browser's cookies for spark_access_token. Does it exist?




Hello Denise

Trying to implement this gadget, I am stuck in the step where the developer tool in the finesse is sending:

SparkTeamAnnouncementsGadget : _getAccessToken(): Unable to retrieve the access token


SparkTeamAnnouncementsGadget : _updateGadget(): The access token is not available yet. Try again in the next iteration.

Already Checked the points 1 and 2 and are Ok.

In the pop-up window for Spark login, I can see with the developer tools the post to

and also the JSON response with the access_token.

What is still missing is the cookie spark_access_token.

I am using UCCX 11.5 with the SparkTeamAnnouncements gadget files version 11.0.1-v1.2 hosted in an external webserver.

Any suggestion?

Thanks a lot!




What is the URL for your Spark App Icon? Is it an internal URL? If so, the App Icon must be external. As odd as it sounds, someone ran into this issue where they put the AppIcon image on the Finesse server and because Spark cannot connect to it, it caused errors.

If it is not internal, I would suggest opening a developer support ticket to debug this 1 on 1 because you have exhausted all of my recommendations so I would need to look at your system.




Hello  all, 


Is Spark Team Announcement gadget still avaialble for download.  All the uls that seem to refer to it appear to be offline.   








Yes, it was renamed to WebexTeamsTeamAnnouncementSampleGadget due to the rebranding of the product:




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