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Setting up UCCE for routing by ANI

Keith Pretti
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Level 1

Well, he time has finally come. I have a need to identify inbound numbers by ANI, do a look up and route accordingly. Anyone have any experience they want to share? We are at UCCE 8.6 with CVP 8.x . ICM and CVP scripting is not a problem, just not sure where and how the DB needs to be set up and how to do the lookup. Thanks in advance!

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Level 1
Level 1

Hi Keith, I imagine you'll get a zillion suggestions on how to do this/how it can be done. It will likely depend on your company's preference, how many records you might want to sift through, how many updates you might have on a day to day basis, etc. This could be done via DBLookup, SQL database lookup, web service lookup, even a custom function/formula, etc., so I think once you decide on some of those requirements, you might be able to narrow down your approach/get more targeted feedback.

Bill - We will be setting this up with about 400 - 500 phone numbers total and possible changes every 6 months depending on changes in customer volume of business. I am not a big SQL guy and David above mentions using CVP which would be a good choice I think. Does that bit of information help you to help me get in the right direction?

Do this in CVP, if you do it in ICM you'll find all sorts of roadblocks if you ever want to get fancier with your DB. CVP can handle this no problemand will be your best best long term.