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shared line on ccx


i have ccx 8.5 with cucm 8.5.

I am just about to deploy a contact center for our retail call center.

ccx works fine but one issue.

we have about 10 different brands and have 8xx numbers for the brand.  if there are no logged on agents during business hours or after hours, when customers call, calls will go to brand specific voice mail.

all of our agents have 7915 side cars and i configured shared line on the expansion module for the different brands so that if there are voice mail, agents can push the button to access the voice mail.


it seems Cisco doesn't support shared line on the agent's phone.. however it seems i can configure 9 shared line buttons but as soon as i configure 10th one, CCX won't let agents log on to the system.  up to 9 works fine...

question is this: since Cisco does not support shared line on the CCX agent, i would like to come up with a different solution.  Button's on the phone does not have to be a shared line.  I just want agents to see there is a voicemail on the button configured for the brand.. if there is they can press messages button than * to access the brand specific voicemail.  There are currently 10 brands but we are planning to add more brands next year so shared line option is definiately not my option...

anybody out there encountered this issue before?

thank you for your help.

1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions

If you are going the email route, and have Unity Connection why not use the store and forward, to foward the email to an email alias that includes all of your agents?

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Michael Turnbow
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


What some customers do is send the caller to a subscript that will compile an email to send to whatever email you determine and then send the customer to voicemail.  So you can have an email broadcast out to the team with the different brand letting them know there is a voicemail.

There are several creative options like this that will take a bit of scripting but should work for you.  You can check the script repository for ideas on canned scripts.

Michael:  Thanks for the info.

i have a CCX enhanced version.. is that also support the e-mail feature?

Hi, The email is actually a step in the script that you would need to configure.  I tried to find a sample script but wasn't able to unfortunately.

I believe the email step will work with Enhanced. 


Per CCX Doc, e-mail step is only supported in the Premium edition.

Any other idea other than e-mail step?

If you are going the email route, and have Unity Connection why not use the store and forward, to foward the email to an email alias that includes all of your agents?

Your options are going to be limited to creative scripting I think unless you want to have separate phones for the agents. If they had separate phones you could use one for the ICD and the other for the voicemail's.

Bill Talley

Assuming you have Unity Connection or Unity, how about adding unique DNs to each line and using the alternate MWI feature under the voice mailbox to active MWI for the respective lines? Maybe I am over simplifying it?

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I know your solution is going to work but we are going to have 10+ voice mail boxes and discovered unity will ony support up to 9 extension numbers in the alternate MWI feature.

I think my issue is fixed now.  I used to have 5 digit extension numbers(195XX) for the voice mails and as soon as i changed those extension numbers to 4 digits, it started working fine??? now i am able to add 10+ shared lines:)

i don't know what causes this issue and love to know why but i am happy that it is working.

thanks everyone for your help.


I know that you have resolved your issue but I would urge you to consider Dispatch Messaging as an alternative to shared lines.

With this you would define a distribution list for each brand and access messages using a single line.

More details at the link below:

I can't access the link.. it looks like it is the link only partner can access.  maybe can you post the pdf file?

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