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Sharing business update with individual clients


Does Cisco have "external" social media type capabilities for "individual" clients enabling

- sharing of business updates with executives (ie newsletters, network updates)

- questions or comments, ideally with group visibility

- delivery to mobile and desktop devices

Note, updates may be in textual or video form.  Security is always a concern.  I am NOT talking about a library or file structure such as Cisco Docs, rather, a push of newsletter or report to customer for easy access and reading / commenting at their convenience from any device.

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Look at<>

It's a messaging tool but you can invite your customers to it

Rather than email that gets junked anyway this may be a use case



Thank you Srinivasan,

I have never been exposed to this tool. It is quite interesting, are you currently using for exchanges with customers? If so, I am interested in your experience, any notable concerns such as security, ease of use, document limits etc. I installed on mobile device, very easy to access, no sign in, not sure if that will create issues though

I do like the rolling history of comments. I need to learn more about managing these comments, deleting, archiving etc over time which thus far I have not been able to determine how to do.

On a side note, are you aware of any applications that may help in drafting updates in a sort of newsletter format for easy reading, in particular on mobile devices?

Thanks again

Yes for adhoc exchanges not as a formal social media kind of tool but you can use it for regular updates. Its fine, you can also point to sites like box and reference the link in spark to avoid issues with large files

No deleting of posts today on the roadmap. Everything is currently stored forever, paid subscriptions allow for compliance export

Not on that front, I am more focused on Cisco UC technical pre sales so not a good source for tools used for marketing

Thank you Srinivasan,

The lack of Delete or Archive capability is a show stopper. All new entries appear on bottom so user has to scroll and it would not take long for conversations to become large enough that they become unproductive. Very odd that this basic capability is not on roadmap.

Aside from Webex, Box, Are there any other options within Cisco for similar collaboration?


Yeah this tool is more for agile teams, team messaging not as much for social media interaction. It was just a thought to see if It worked. How about looking at social platforms like jive or yammer? This community runs in jive. Jive can be used for intranet or external communities

IT gives you tons of features so you can create a space for your customers, tagging, search, deletion, blogs etc

i am not a Msft specialist so not sure on yammer with O365 and what they can provide,

good old emails frankly don't have the effect and get tossed in the junk. Tweeting maybe...assuming these folks follow that and pointing them to your site.

I Am a technical person and not. A marketing social media person so I may be off here just some of my thoughts.

MAybe someone from cisco marketing can chime in. They in fact use this site to sell to customers and partners on updates on product announcements, programs etc. you can also have email updates sent to these threads so users can respond from there versus coming here since we are still email centric in many cases.

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