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Simulator to accept IPIVR callout calls


I am writing an IVR to callout(using place call) about 1000 different numbers and then play a prompt after each call connect.

Does anybody knows of a simulator, which I can use to accept calls as called party.

The simulator may have to input DTMF automatically as authentication to IVR after accepting call after call connect.



I use a second IPCC system with its own custom 'Answer' script. I can pretty much do anything needed for simulation.

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Sorry, which secod IPCC system you are referring to. Pls give more details/any URL?

Do you mean you wrote one more CRS script?

I wrote the script in IPIVR5.0/CRS and was looking for a simulator.


We have two seperate physical UCCX/CRS systems, one is HA the other is not both are on the same Call Manager

So yes another script answers on the second CRS system acting as the simulator.

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By the way I have to dial 1000 different numbers, Is it possible to dial/reach the script on second CRS system with 1000 different CRS numbers?

I am saying this, because when I create JTAPI Trigger for script on second CRS,I doubt whether I can use Wild Cards in Direcory number filed.

Any idea.


Not sure what the maximum number of Directory numbers could be set up.

For my firm's purposes we don't need to use different numbers in this level of testing, just test the outbound dialing throttling and batching, and ensure all 1000 contacts were made and the responses noted, while working within the available resources.

hope this helps

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By the way,

I wrote a simple script.this script on being initiated by a HTTP trigger, places an outgoing call using "place call" step, on being successful connect it announces a prompt to called party and disconnets.

I am trying to mark the contact as handled under the successful branch of place step, but to my surprise there is no record for this call in the CRS database/table.

The same script on being initiated by a telephone call, marks entry in database/tables.

My suspicion is , because this script is initiated by HTTP trigger, the system is somehow not recognising this.

Any idea?

Are you saying the HTTP Trigger disconnects or the Call to the contact disconnects?

As far as keeping up with the contact's status, we did not use the CRS SQL Server Database, because we were advised not to build anything in it. Instead we built our custom piece in an external database.

I think it would be accurate to say UCCX is not built as a full Outbound Campaign dialer.. not in my case of version 4.1, 5x has some Outbound Preview cababilites but I don't know if it can be integrated in a script or customized. What I have seen work is a custom process that is designed to launches CRS applications via the HTTP triggering. I think others who have built them could atest its much work and requires development outside the Cisco CRS realm.

Hope this helps

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Both the Trigger and call are fine, but the IVr flow, is unable to update the callcontactdetail table from the successful branch of place call step, when the the function setcontact info(triggering info,handled) is used to mark call as handled.

But table entry is updated automatically if CRS script is initiated by a telephone call instead of an HTTP trigger.


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