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SOAP Request or Web Service request from IVR Application - UCCX 11.5



I would like to ask about the latest uccx capability.


Is it possible to make a web service request like SOAP or WSDL from uccx ivr application?


I need to make a request and parse the respone.


For example, I need to query the bank balance account then spell it with ivr.

In UCCE I can use CVP to make a WSDL request and parse the response. How about in UCCX?





Bill Mungaven

I'm in a UCCE/ICM/IPIVR (9.x) environment and I use the code/information in the  link below with great success. I had to make some minor adjustments (adding some additional information required by the server) and it works like a charm. I used soapUI for importing the WSDL I got from our developers. I used soapUI to figure out how to create the XML document to upload to the server to get the data I needed. The XML document returned from the server contained  namespaces which I couldn't figure out how to parse using UCCX editor so I wrote a subflow to remove the namespaces. Once I removed the namespaces, I could parse the various fields. I don't have a great deal of IPIVR/UCCX development experience so I had to figure out something simple for parsing the data.

This link has a lot of great information and I was able to figure out how to make it work with my limited development experience:

For getting started using the code, I used a couple of public weather sites (using their published WSDLs and loading them into soapUI) to learn how the create the XML document to get the data I needed and how to parse the data once I got it.

Thanks to Gergely Szabo for this great code. He explains it in great detail so even a beginner like me could figure out what the code was doing and adapt it to suit my needs.


Hi Bill,

Thanks for your response.

I will check The Gergely post.

But If you don't mind, could you please to share your simple script to make a SOAP request and parse the response as well?

I will really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.



Here is the test script I used for getting weather data from 2 public SOAP weather sites. I did this research in late 2014/early 2015. It looks like neither of the sites I used at the time work any longer.

If I remember right, I got the WSDLs from the sites and loaded them into SoapUI ( and played with filling in the fields to make sure I could get the data properly. Once I got the data, I created the XML files for UCCX to be used as the keyword transform documents to get the data from the servers.

There are 2 XML templates that I uploaded to the Documents folder on the UCCX server. These were used to form the request to get the data. There was something strange about the way the data was returned from but seemed to work fine at the time.

If these 2 sites don't work anymore, you can search for public WSDLs and load them into SoapUI and experiment. Once you get data using SoapUI, you should be able to create your own XML templates to use in the keyword transform document step so you can get data from your UCCX script.

I hope this helps.


Hi Bill,

Thanks for your script,

I will test it in my lab - UCCX 11.5

I will inform you the result,

Thanks Bill


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