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Start Recording Gadget

Hugo Chevalier


Is there anyone who try the "start recording gadget". ? Can this gadget be used with MediaSense ?

I am looking for on-demand recording from agent or supervisor finesse desktop, with MediaSense.


Hugo Chevalier

EDIT : After trying to install it. When I click on "start recording" button, in the firefox we console I got that :

140821 11:38:30.461 : CallRecordingGadget : startRecording()" concat:14927


140821 11:38:30.463 : CallRecordingGadget : Starting Recording on Dialog: 16782242" concat:14927

" checkPopupTimer" security.SiteLoadValidator.js:30

" checkForPopup()" security.SiteLoadValidator.js:30

TypeError: rsp.object.ApiErrors is undefined concat:16987


140821 11:38:31.634 : CallRecordingGadget : _startRecordingError()" concat:14927

Any idea ?

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Accepted Solutions
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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

The Start Recording Sample gadget works with UCCX only. You have to configure UCM to support on demand recording with MediaSense.

I am using UCCX.

I have already Configure UCM chosing "Selective call recording" with a recording profile includinf the MediaSense IP address

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

What version of UCCX/Finesse are you using? What version of the CallRecordingSampleGadget?

Do you see any error message inside the gadget?

I am using UCCX and

the gadget version is is there any other version ?

May be I have done something wrong in the integration of MediaSense ...?

I don't have any error in the gadget except the error in the firefox web console

When I click the "start recording button" nothing happens

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Thanks a lot.

I can see some changes. After getting the version and check my MediaSenseconfiguration, I got this message when I try to record a call :


Ok it's working now !

Thanks a lot !


Did you get it to stop recording after starting? It looks like this gadget only starts.

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

There is no Stop Recording API. Once you have requested a recording, the recording continues until the Dialog ends.

Hi Scott,

I agree with Dlender, recording stop when agent hang up.

Thanks for the response guys. I did some research after I posted that and discovered the same thing re no Stop Recording API. It just seemed like it was missing

It is not really missing, It will not be usefull.

If an agent start recording a call it is because there is trouble or something else so it is better to have the entire conversation.

If a supervisor start recording a call it is for trainning or quality so it is the same,

If your question is because a call reccord can be a big media file, n Media Sense you can choose the period during the record is store on the server and you can archive on an external sftp server (or other)


I am trying to get this working also. I am getting the following message when I click on the Start Recording button:

Congratulations!!! You have successfully initiated a START_RECORDING!

Uh Oh! An Error occurred when trying to START_RECORDING:

ErrorType: Generic Error

Is there something that I am missing?

Also, from what I have read from the responses - I gather there is no way to stop the recording during the call and then resume the recording afterwards? The reason I ask is that it is illegal to record card numbers from telephone calls therefore the customer requires the ability to pause recording during a call.




Hi James,

About your error message :

I already have this issue.

Please check that :

     - You create a recording profile

     - You allow IPPhone to be record and apply the recording profile

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